Capital Smart City Islamabad

Capital Smart City Islamabad is the one and only Smart City in Pakistan. Located on M2 near new Islamabad Airport it is a New Eco Friendly Destination. With an Exclusive Designated Interchange on Motorway (M2). Coming back home is an experience in itself which if enhanced by convenience and luxury is an ultimate desire.

Capital Smart City Project Description

Capital Smart City Islamabad is a world of its own, where smart and sustainable living goes hand in hand. With a world class development infrastructure and expanse imaginable of a city CSC is the city of future. Being one of its sort, it is a dawn of modern and sustainable living. The environmental sustainability which is inherent in CSC, is a pioneer of sustainable living in Pakistan.

Sustainability is defined as able to generate resources which are required in everyday living in an environmental friendly way so that the damage to the environment is minimum and resource utilization maximum. CSC achieves what is desired. From smart farms to electric bikes along with automatic light sensors, everything small and big has been taken care of.

Coming back home is an experience in itself which if enhanced by convenience and luxury is an ultimate desire. Overseas Prime Block of Capital Smart City not only aims at fulfilling your desires but also take a rounded approach to preserve and better serve our environment. The sewerage system is well dealt with ensuring no environmental hazards. They water the greener areas using recycled water like the water used in mosques for ablution. 

Designed by Surbana Jurong, a specialist firm of developers from Singapore, Capital Smart City utilizes the space with utility and expanse of sight. Their 50 feet wide roads with linear parking yet niche design enables daily amenities to be within your approach after every 400 meters.

A Combination of Local and International Expertise

Conceived by Future Developments Holdings and designed by Surbana Jurong, CSC is a produce of local and international expertise. FDH is one of the leading real estate developers and asset management company operating in Pakistan, working to develop new state of the art smart cities with a focus not only to give luxurious living but also economic contributions at parity.

Surbana Jurong (SJ), the Singapore based consultancy firm, is the appointed Master Planner for Capital Smart City. Headquartered in Singapore, SJ is presently one of the largest Asia-based urban, industrial and infrastructure consultancy firms, providing one- stop consultancy solutions. SJ’s motto is ‘Building Cities, Shaping Lives’.

The commitment to quality by both FDH and SJ is evident by their past projects and reputation.

Capital Smart City Payment plan

The payment plan of Capital Smart City has also been designed keeping in view your affordability and convenience. We have flexible payment plans which can further be made suitable as per your requirements. You can choose from a payment schedule having monthly, quarterly or bi annual payments. We also offer 5% discount on 50% down payment and 10% discount on lump sum payment. To start with, there is 10 % booking amount followed with 10% confirmation to be paid after one month of booking. Below is the detail of payment plans.

Overseas prime block of Capital Smart City offers a range of residential plots from 7 marla to 40 marla. Capital Smart City is working hard to provide you with an urban heaven having all facilities with peace of mind.

Future Development Holdings, a partner consortium of international companies takes care of quality from an international perspective.

Capital Smart City Payment Plan

Capital Smart City Islamabad Location

With an explicit designated interchange on motorway (M2) approaching and visiting CSC is very convenient both from outside ISB and inside. A grand entrance with 18-Lanes (400 Ft. wide) central boulevard just 5-7 minutes away from New Islamabad International Airport, the residents have ease of travelling locally and internationally.


Capital Smart city has 15 districts serving their exclusive locations and purposes. These districts have a life and purpose of their own and are conceived with a specialist devotion. The website defines and explain each district in detail with map and gallery.

Smart Villas

Contemporary, Mediterranean and Georgian villas offer the ultimate luxurious living standard. You can choose from 5 marla to 20 marla villas depending upon your affordability. But rest assured all of them are equipped with smart features to ensure convenience, remote access control and security. Temperature and humidity sensors inside the villas enable you to adjust the temperature of your home remotely, this facility looking at the climate of Pakistan is highly convenient.

The Villa Apartments

Capital Smart City Islamabad also has smartly and luxuriously designed apartments, if your choice compels you to live in an apartment. These apartments are equipped with same smart features as the one in smart villas. Indeed, the view enjoyable from the height of these apartments is a plus keeping in mind the scenic beauty of Islamabad.

Capital Smart City Villa Apartment Payment Plan

Health Care

Smart City has a complete district devoted to healthcare. Here provision of state of the art healthcare and latest technologies will be ensured. A teaching hospital is being constructed in affiliation with a famous teaching hospital. To keep affordability in check a 2-star hospital will be established with affiliated laboratory.

Education District

Similar to health care a complete district is devoted to education. World class education facilities for all levels starting from Montessori to University will be a part of this district. Again these all will be established in affiliation with famous educational institutes of national and international repute.



To cover the length and breadth of CSC a BRT system will bear the brunt of most of public transport. Moreover, the buses used will be electrical. Automated traffic control will make the traffic system efficient and hassle free. Electric bikes will be available on rent for the use of residents. The transport based on electricity will ensure minimum carbon footprint and sustainability.


CSC will be a load shedding free city. Our own electricity generation and grid will ensure no dependency on national grid and will facilitate maximum utilization. Again the electricity generated will be sustainable and environment friendly.


CCTV cameras with facial and object recognition are a built in feature of CSC. Security of world class is meticulously planned and personnel to be deputed will be from reputed and highly trained security services. Moreover, the smart features of residential quarters along with all buildings in CSC will ensure no subversive activity goes undetected.

Free Wi-Fi Hotspots

Free of cost Wi-Fi hotspots are a necessary feature of CSC being the city of future. So integration along with facilitation is completely ensured.

Smart Farms and Nurseries

The developers of CSC have a keen interest in sustainable farming, Pakistan being an agriculture country. Here smart farms with smart resources ensure healthy fresh produce. Smart farms use minimum fresh water and space but enable maximum production of vegetables and fruits, utilizing latest agriculture technology at its best.

Parks and Tracks

All the block of Smart City have parks. Theme parks, open spaces and indoor recreation for small kids all form a part of it. Further to encourage physical activities walking tracks, biking tracks with electrical bikes and hiking in animal reserves are designed in CSC. A world class zoo conforming to international standards of animal care will be established.

Panda Mart

Capital Smart City falling at the eastern route of CPEC aims Panda district to be the biggest trade hub of Chinese goods in South Asia outside mainland China. All the infrastructure and logistical support like god downs, transportation is planned as per this objective.

Possession for Residential plots

The possession of residential plots has begun in sectors of Overseas block and Executive block. These possessions were to be given in April 2020 but corona pandemic delayed this milestone. (a link to the relevant letter should be given here)

Direct Payment Facility for our UAE members

WE have collaborated with Mashreq Bank of UAE to facilitate our UAE members.

The facility of e booking is also available for our overseas customers, this is a first in the real estate industry of Pakistan.


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