Lahore Smart City

Lahore is setting new goals of living standards. After Islamabad, Pakistan’s second largest Smart City project is coming to the city of greenery and traditions.

Project description

Ever heard about investing a little amount and getting bigger revenues later? Well, Lahore Smart City is all about it! No matter if you are looking for the best place to start living or an area where you can invest a little amount at the beginning and gain a huge profit in the near future. Followed by a successful project from the world’s second most beautiful capital city, Islamabad, Lahore Smart City has everything that you are looking for.


After leaving success marks on the land of Islamabad, Smart City Project is all set to be launched along the Lahore-By Pass Road by FDH or Future Development Holding. FDH is a developing firm, which has delivered the best real estate projects in the history of Pakistan. Lahore Smart city project is ready to be declared as the second largest Smart City project in Pakistan. This project will open gates for infinite new opportunities.

Payment plans

Commercial or residential plots for sale in Lahore Smart City are available with plans for easy payment plans. Like Capital Smart City, Lahore Smart City is also set to have a 10% down payment plan followed by a guaranteed payment and equitable quarter installment. The following plans to install Lahore Smart City and Payment Plans are available for pre-booking. As a soft launch, a new payment system is available in Lahore Smart City for first-time investors.


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People would be able to invest in new projects and get higher chances of increases their profit ratio. The project would be recognized for its international standard infrastructure and rapid development process. Smart City is based on the concept of providing an eco-friendly and hygienic environment. Professionals have designed the best sewerage structure so that Smart City would be able to deal with heavy rain in Monsoon season. It is also designed to carry an extensive range of public amenities required for better living standards while it ensures that the urbanization is availed by the general public of Smart City. The facilities provided here are based on the data that is collected through residents, public buildings, and transportation infrastructure.

Lahore is the provincial capital of Punjab and already has infinite housing society projects but Smart City is something different. An area of approximately 20000 Kanal is spared for the construction of Lahore Smart City with a lot of exciting features that are never seen before in any housing society project. The demand for urbanization in Lahore is increasing over the past years and steps have been taking by the government by establishing new projects but the major role in such regards is going to be played by Lahore Smart City. People from other cities of Pakistan or from across the borders are capable of purchasing residential plots here or investing in commercial property. The land never causes you any loss and when you are purchasing a plot in Lahore Smart City, you are ensuring the safe future of your generations.

It is not wrong to say that Lahore Smart City will use the latest technology to improve them and build more friendly homes. It will be the first city-building project in Lahore, and the second in Pakistan behind the City Smart City.

The pre-booking option offered by the Smart City Project helps you in making a huge profit after the establishment of the project. There is no doubt in the fact that the prices offered Lahore Smart City project are undeniably lower than other housing schemes in Lahore. You can invest little and reap the fruits beyond your expectation.

The reason why you should not miss the chance to book your slot at Smart City, Lahore, is the lower prices that will be rising in a blink of an eye after the project launches. The prices offered now are for the limited time only and will be revised soon. If you are looking for investing in the cheapest plots in Lahore Smart City, now is the time. The Lahore Smart City payment system described above does not include development costs and all of these plans are based on 3.5-year investment plans. Please check this space as we will update the renewable prices when they become available.

Land plays a big role when you make money investing in real estate. It is important for the investor to sell the properties to know about organic farming before investing. Like Capital Smart City Islamabad, the proposed Lahore Smart City area all have to be connected by major road networks to and from Lahore. As a source, the proposed Lahore Smart City site will be located on Lahore By-pass and easily accessible on the N5 GT Road and Lahore – Islamabad Motorway (M2). The proposed Lahore area is one of the most beautiful places in the region due to easy access from the major parts of the city of Lahore. Real estate agents and real estate agents have welcomed the launch of Lahore Smart City. According to some real estate agents, the trade has the potential to become as successful as the City of Bahria. Agencies also reiterated the fact that the proposed Lahore Smart City area enjoys greater access to the two major road networks connecting Lahore and all of Pakistan. This makes it the first investment destination for investors looking for long-term fruit on their crops.

A map of Lahore Smart City will still be available. However, as sources, the Lahore Smart City building, map, and location have been referred to the Lahore Development Authority for approval. The management of the housing community is a good thing about project approval. Until the approval is granted, a soft plan has been made to introduce early-bird investors. Like Capital Smart City, Lahore Smart City is also planned to make 2 large blocks.

  • Executive Block
  • Overseas Block

The administrative blocks across Lahore Smart City are ready to include the following building sizes:

  • 5 Marla’s residence
  • 10 Marla’s residence
  • 1 Kanal Residence

Currently, in the pre-launch, prices start at PKR 18,00,000 for 5 Marla.

Lahore Smart City, being the second-largest housing project of Pakistan gives you an extensive range of residential and commercial property that too in different sizes and budgets. You can select one that suits your residential needs to invest in commercial plots for securing the future of your generation. It is an insured matter of fact that the money you invest in a land never causes you any loss but when it is Lahore Smart City, be prepared for bigger profit and unmatchable living style. The classification of an executive and overseas block is specially designed to give you a lavish living experience. For your convenience in such a pandemic situation, here is the detail about the total price, payment plans, and a number of choices that you can avail from the Lahore Smart City project are mentioned here.

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